"Another world"...

It was love at first sight when we arrived in Lohals, in the northern part of Langeland, that first summer of 2005.
The lighthouse, the harbour, the forest and the beach created a holiday cocktail that combined unique experiences with comfortable relaxation. Therefore we didn't have a moment of doubt: here - just a stone's throw from the harbour - we wanted to have a holiday house if it was possible.
Luckily it was possible, and we have since enjoyed both the town's lively holiday atmosphere during the summers, and the peaceful tranquillity that spreads across the tip of northern Langeland throughout the winter. During the winter months you feel you are in another world; or as a friend was inspired to comment, "This is the kind of place you would think doesn't exist anymore".

Tucked away

While Århus has "The Old Town", and Odense "The Funen Village", Langeland offers "The Holiday Resort, Lohals". But unlike the other two places, Lohals is not a museum, even though it appears time has stood still here since the mid fifties, when the upper middle class from Copenhagen still arrived with the ferries from Zealand. This place is a geographical pearl, which has been tucked away in this corner of Denmark, where people rarely travelled. But with the freeway from Odense to Svendborg, and with a purposive effort from the local authorities, new life is being breathed into this idyllic seaside resort.

Few minutes
to the beach

There are about 500 residents in the town of Lohals, which stretches almost a kilometer inland from the harbour and is surrounded by forest on all sides (skov på alle sider). The nearest beach is just a few minutes walk from the harbour. You will find a couple of cafés, "Smørstakken" and "Café Nordstranden" plus a cosy little pub, "Den Gyldne Hund", if you make the short walk from our holiday house, "Højen", in Søndergade, to the white sand and the bathing jetty on the northern beach (one of the four beaches with the blue flag on Langeland).
As part of an extensive urban renewal it was possible in 2006 for Lohals to open a new maritime culture house, "Banjen", on Lohals harbour (Lohals Havn). Fridays and Saturdays during the summer season everybody is invited to free concerts and dances at the pier.


Lohals must be described as a perfect starting point for nature walks of rare beauty - it is almost like going for a walk through our national anthem. Marked paths lead through the most wooded area of Langeland. Here, especially, the fallow deer and the pheasants are having a splendid time. Øhavsstien - a path leading through the islands - begins with a short sail on the bicycle ferry "Habeleto" from the town of Lundeborg on Funen. Following the path, in a short time one can reach all the way to Lohals (via Svendborg, Tåsinge and Siø). From Lohals the ferry Færgen "Habeleto" also offers fishing, hunting and sunset trips, besides trips to Omø, an island located on the border of "Storebælt" and "Smålandshavet".
At the yachting harbour - about 50 meters from our house, "Højen" - you will find tables as well as barbeque grills you are welcome to use. Along the water and in the forests you will also find tables, benches and legal places for bonfires with free wood. Here hikers and nature lovers can prepare their meals while on their way.

Paradise for

Lohals is not only the perfect starting point, but also a true paradise for anglers. The strong currents in the waters between Funen and Langeland provide feeding grounds for trout, flatfish and garfish. Public fishing trips depart from the harbour. You can also rent a boat at the shop, "Himmel og Hav" across the street from our house in Søndergade, and at Lohals Camping, which is located a few meters from the back garden and the parking lot of "Højen".

by the light...

Just like Skagen, the northern tip of Langeland has its own special light. This light has attracted many artists to the area. Therefore it is possible to visit quit a few galleries here. Besides the galleries, Lohals also offers a couple of museums. The Toy Museum is located on the main street, Søndergade, less than 100 meters from our house. You can find Tom Knudsen's Safari Museum on Houvej 49. Here you can see hunting trophies from several continents.

Shop every day
of the week

Nobody needs to be without everyday necessities in Lohals. Besides the co-op, Dagli' Brugsen, - open 7 days a week all year around - there is also a grocer's shop in Søndergade. One of Langeland's finest bakeries - "Hedo Bageri" - is to be found opposite Lohalsgården on Tom Knudsens Vej. By the way, you can rent horses at Lohalsgården, should you want to enjoy nature while relaxing in the saddle.

"Come and
feel alive"...

Even though the slogan of Langeland: "Come and feel alive" - "Kom og vær til" - refers to all the splendours of the island, it seems to fit especially on Lohals.
We were impressed with the lighthouse, the harbour, the view, the forest and the beach the very first time we visited this little idyllic fishing and seaside town. We are convinced all nature lovers will feel the same.

Birte og Erik Frodelund

"Højen" in Lohals

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